About Akhisar

Akhisar, known as the ancient name of Thyateira, is located in the center of a fertile plain north of Manisa.

The first establishment BC. Goes back to 2500 years. In mythology, it is said that those who founded Akhisar are female warriors called Amazon. Akhisar was named after Thyateira, Pelopeia, Semiramis, Euippia, Ta Siyatetra, Aspro-Kastro and Köklice. The city lived in Luwi, Phrygia, Lydia, Persian Alexander, Seleucid Kingdom, Pergamon Kingdom, Roman, Byzantine, Saruhanli and Ottoman periods. Akhisar is one of the places where Christianity developed in Anatolia. The region is known to all Christians and is considered a holy city.

Pasha Mosque, Yeni Gül Ruh Sultan Mosque, Şaşa Bey Bath, Emeti Mosque were built in the Ottoman Akhisarı and they have survived until today.

During the War of Independence, the Akhisar National Regiment was formed and Celal Bayar commanded the regiment for a while. M. K. Atatürk visited Akhisar many times and praised Akhisar people.


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